Eurofragance presents its new collections at In-Cosmetics 2022

Eurofragrance presented its new Ecoconscious and Sensolab collections at In-cosmetics, the leading trade show for personal care ingredients, which took place from April 5 to 7 in Paris. The collections focus on sustainability and innovation and align with the company’s strategic plan and are intended to meet today’s consumer desires.

The Sensolab creative collection offers a new sensory experience with its solid perfume formats, made possible through technological innovation. This eco-responsible collection is characterized by products that consume less water or without water. These products require less packaging, are lighter and are responsible for lower carbon emissions thanks to improved shipping conditions.

The collection includes a body lotion stick scented with notes of bergamot and cannabis, easy to carry and use as a basic cosmetic; a solid waterless conditioner scented with coffee and white flowers and a powder shampoo with notes of apricot and carrot, which eliminates the need for water. The other products included are a pocket deodorant in a compact powder format and a confetti bath soap that brings playfulness to the shower, in a format that diffuses olfactory notes of mandarin.

The company also presented the Ecoconscient collection of vegan and sustainable fragrances with natural ingredients, formulated with eco-certifiable ingredients.

The multinational unveiled various applications created with L’Ame du Bois™, the first captive perfumery ingredient derived from wood waste and developed by Eurofragance in October 2021. It was presented at in-cosmetics in April in the form of fine fragrances , shampoo and a scented candle.

Being an important ingredient in its history, the company looked for a way to produce a natural wood extract without deforestation or negative impact on the environment, and did so by recycling discarded sawdust from a particular tree. After a long and repetitive purification process, they were able to discover an ingredient with the best olfactory profile, while retaining the soul of the wood.

Olegario Monegal, Global Business Unit Director Home and Personal Care, explains: “These two categories, ‘home’ and ‘personal care’ are booming in Europe. Our presence at in-cosmetics illustrates our specific desire to accelerate our growth in personal care. We have a range of high quality raw materials and an excellent level of customer service as well as valuable market knowledge that allow us to respond to new consumer demands.

Donovan B. Sanford