Eurofragance presents new fragrances with innovative and sustainable applications at In-cosmetics 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • At the Personal Care Ingredients Show, the company presented vegan, sustainable and eco-certifiable fragrances, as well as applications in innovative formats such as confetti soap and deodorant powder.
  • The multinational presented a collection of fine fragrances, as well as personal care and air products formulated with its new captive, L’Ame du Bois™, a natural ingredient derived from wood waste.

Eurofragance, a multinational fragrance house, showcased various collections focused on sustainability and innovation at in-cosmetics, a leading personal care ingredients trade show, held April 5-7 in Paris. The collections align with the company’s strategic plan and are intended to meet today’s consumer desires.

The company presented its Ecoconscient collection with vegan, sustainable and eco-certifiable fragrances, as well as its Sensolab collection, which combines innovation and sustainability in applications that seek to inspire and improve consumer experiences. New Sensolab applications included Confetti Bath Soap, Compact Powder Deodorant, Solid Conditioner, Powder Shampoo and Solid Body Lotion.

Sensolab, inspiring new formats of solid cosmetics

The Sensolab creative collection offers new sensory experiences with its solid fragrance formats, made possible through technological innovation.

The product set includes a scented body lotion stick with notes of bergamot and cannabis, easy to carry and use as a basic cosmetic; a solid waterless conditioner scented with coffee and white flowers and a powder shampoo with notes of apricot and carrot, which eliminates the need for water. Other strong points of this collection, a pocket deodorant in compact powder format with notes of moringa flower, which absorbs body odors and leaves a silky sensation on the skin; and a confetti bath soap that brings playfulness to the shower, in a format that diffuses olfactory notes of mandarin.
This eco-responsible collection is characterized by products that consume less water or without water. These products require less packaging, are lighter and are responsible for lower carbon emissions thanks to improved shipping conditions.

A focus on sustainable development
The company has also launched Ecoconscient, a collection of vegan and sustainable fragrances with natural ingredients, formulated with floral-fruity, citrus-woody, fruity-sweet and fruity-watery notes, some of which are eco-certifiable.

Furthermore, Eurofragance unveiled various applications created with L’Ame du Bois™, the first captive perfumery ingredient developed by Eurofragance in October 2021, and which was presented at in-cosmetics in April in the form of fine perfumes, a shampoo and a candle scent.
Innovation and research are part of Eurofragance’s DNA

Eurofragance has over 30 years of experience designing fragrances for fine fragrance, home and personal care. Olegario Monegal, Head of Global Home and Personal Care Business UnitExplain, “These two categories,residence‘ and ‘personal care‘ are booming in Europe. Our presence at in-cosmetics illustrates our particular desire to accelerate our growth in personal care. We have a range of high quality raw materials and an excellent level of customer service as well as invaluable market knowledge which allow us to respond to new consumer demands..”

During the event in Paris, the company gave a seminar entitled “The process of creating a new ingredient: L’Ame du Bois™” moderated by Olivier Anthony, Ph.D Global Research and Innovation Director at Eurofragance. development process for the company’s first captive, was held in person on Wednesday, April 6 at the in-cosmetics room.”

At the show, the company’s stand of more than forty square meters presented custom-designed furniture, the result of a collaboration between Eurofragance and the FabLab innovation laboratory in Sant Cugat (Spain), whose philosophy is also focused on technology and innovation. All sustainable and FSC-certified wooden furniture comes from protected European forests and can be reused at future fairs. The whole design of the stand and the products presented, including their packaging, has been developed with sustainable, recyclable and innovative materials.


About Eurofragance

Eurofragance manufactures and markets the highest quality fragrances for global brands in fine fragrance, home, personal care and air. The company is a private B2B company founded on family values ​​in Barcelona in 1990 and currently has almost 400 employees.

Driven by the passion for perfume and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Eurofragance first developed in Europe and the Middle East, before moving on to the Far East and the Americas. The medium-sized company is now represented on five continents; operates its own factories in Spain, Singapore and Mexico; and works with manufacturing partners in the United States, China and India.

Eurofragance’s international network of creation centers and exceptional manufacturing capabilities enable it to create and distribute fragrances worldwide. Over the years, Eurofragance has cultivated lasting relationships and grown hand in hand with its partners.

Eurofragance is wholeheartedly invested in solving sustainability issues and its decision-making process revolves around strategic initiatives supporting this cause. The company spearheads activities around four main areas: safety, biodiversity, community and resources.

Donovan B. Sanford