Shiseido to Launch Ulé Skincare

After two years of research and development, Shiseido is set to launch Ulé skincare next month. The company calls the line of eight SKUs, “a prestige and conscious skincare line.”

Ulé debuts next month.

The name of the brand comes from the Greek word “hyle”, which in French is pronounced “ulé”, and means the fundamental matter of all things.

To maintain a “green” profile, Ulé relies on vertical farming to reduce water consumption by 95% (compared to traditional farming). In addition, the whole plant is incorporated into Ulé formulas. The line includes three product categories, including Biome Essentials, with Le Beau Reset Balancing Floral Mist and Je Suis Chill Hydra-Fortifying Moisturizer, with CBD. Active Serums include Envie de Calm Repair Serum, Oh La Plump Thirst Quenching Serum, Joy of Youth Revitalizing Serum and All Is Clear Regulating Serum. In the Nutri Beauty segments, there’s Have It All In & Out Phyto Nutritive Oil, which can be applied to the skin or ingested, and Merci Immunity Defending Nutri Cosmetics.

Shiseido says all formulas are a minimum of 96% naturally derived. Additionally, the company has banned 1,300 ingredients based on its own standards. The packaging is “bio-based,” according to Shiseido, and includes lightweight glass and a 100% PCR pump.

Ulé debuts on May 2 and in a 50 square meter freestanding boutique in the Marais district of Paris and on the brand’s website. It will be rolled out in Europe next year.

Donovan B. Sanford