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Risty Nurraisa (The Jakarta Post)

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Mon 27 Jun 2022

Way of life

The Self Inc uses the AI-powered app to give personalized recommendations for waste-free beauty shopping, and plans to launch a metaverse shopping experience soon.

Located on the South Skywalk connecting Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) 1 and PIM 2 in South Jakarta, PT Selfinc Retail Indonesia has opened its flagship outlet, The Self Inc, the renowned name of Sistersel, with new innovations that offer a personalized shopping experience for beauty lovers while reducing waste.

Upon arrival, visitors can check the condition of their skin using a device with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to receive personalized product recommendations.

“This skin test [technology] is manufactured by Allure [AI]so it’s an Indonesian tech product,” Selfinc retail director Shella Huliselan said at the outlet’s inauguration on June 24.

She was referring to the name of the mobile app developed by PT Pesona Inovasi Indonesia, which specializes in an “AI-powered personalization system” for the beauty and fashion industries.

“When we shop, we often don’t know [skincare] product is the best for us,” continued Shella. The Allure AI mobile app made it easy for customers to get personalized product recommendations just by taking a selfie.

“Then they enter their age and concerns like acne issues, for example,” she told reporters at the launch event.

The Allure AI app also offered preference filters such as price range and halal or vegan products, Shella continued. Finally, it would produce a list of recommended skincare products to match the client’s skin type and condition, as well as their budget and other preferences.

The technology thus helps customers choose the most suitable products from over 130 brands available at The Self Inc. Besides the in-store brand, BrunBrun Paris, the outlet also offers local beauty brands, such as Avoskin, Luxcrime , Azarine and Scarlett.

For fashion accessories, The Self Inc offers BrunBrun Paris and Sophie Martin handbags, purses and watches.

“It’s a fashion and beauty concept store. We have several brand name products for cosmetics, skin care and fashion. Most of our products are local, as we try to support local brands,” Shella added.

New innovation: CEO Bruno Hasson (second from left) and Retail Director Shella Huliselan (right) of PT Selfinc Retail Indonesia cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of The Self Inc outlet on June 24 at South Skywalk of Pondok Indah Mall in South Jakarta. (Courtesy of The Self Inc/Courtesy of The Self Inc)

Metaverse Purchases

Customers will soon be able to shop at The Self Inc from the comfort of their homes.

At the grand opening, the store also showcased its Metaverse innovation which will be available in the near future.

“During the pandemic, many people were unable to go to offline stores to shop,” said Bruno Hasson, CEO of Selfinc. The “metaverse” virtual store offered customers the ability to “shop from home, ‘walk into’ our store and make purchases.” It is the first beauty and fashion store in Indonesia to provide such an experience,” he said.

The virtual store was “different from other online stores,” continues Bruno, because it offered an interactive experience.

“Customers can enter with a username. They can then chat, meet people and even ask our virtual staff questions,” he said.

Green beauty

As Bruno said at the groundbreaking ceremony, The Self Inc wants “to be the retail beauty leader across Indonesia”, Shella adding that the company aimed to be a “locally conscious brand” that was “responsible for caring for Mother Earth”.

The store’s commitment to the environment is evident in the two recycling boxes it has installed: one for empty bottles and another for used handbags.

“Used handbags [made using] synthetic materials are also polluting. So instead of throwing them away, customers can bring them here to recycle,” Bruno explained, adding that each customer could drop off a maximum of two old handbags per visit.

As for empty bottles, The Self Inc. welcomes used packaging of any brand purchased from any store.

“In July we have a special offer. Customers who bring products to be recycled will receive a 20% discount for [in-store] shopping,” Shella said.

The Self Inc has over 40 stores in cities and regions across the country, including Jayapura, Ambon, Madura, Samarinda and Medan, with plans to rebrand all Sistersel outlets with the new name.

Donovan B. Sanford