US perfume house The Dua Brand set to benefit from market growth in 2022

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/April 16, 2022/ According to Perfumes and Fragrances Market Report, the global market is expected to reach $1.95 billion in 2022, and it is expected to reach $2.52 billion by 2028. Despite the economic changes caused by the health crisis, demand from emerging markets such as APAC , Latin America and Eastern Europe continues to rise. Accordingly, rising online sales of perfumes and fragrances are expected to boost the growth prospects of the market over the forecast period.

One company that aims to take advantage of this market growth is The Dua brand, an independent niche fragrance house located in Los Angeles, CA with a library of over 1000 fragrances. When they started in 2016, their goal was to provide people with unique fragrances inspired by the most luxurious branded fragrances at affordable prices.

However, the company and its team have grown and developed their skills in the art of perfumery. This is how they began to masterfully compose original blends and create their vast collection. These include Originals, Inspirations, Hybrids, Tribrids, and Quadrids. These designs involve taking three or four existing key notes from different scents to create something new, adding a unique twist to each scent.

The Dua brandThe company’s products continue to garner positive accolades and reviews from customers around the world, with their Instagram followers reaching 16,000. The company attributes this growth to products that are handcrafted fragrances with natural ingredients harvested around the world. and subjected to rigorous quality control by specialists.

Our fragrances are made with natural oils that last longer“, the team said. “Each one goes through rigorous quality control, which includes CEO and Founder, Mahsam Raza.”

With its current business model, The Dua brand grew to 2021 and 2022. However, with the predicted growth of the market, they want to mix things up with their ready-made idea and cross the threshold again.

We want to explore various products and deepen the cosmetics industrysaid Syed Ali, the company’s chief marketing officer. “This includes creative and niche fragrances and spa-quality natural skin care products for men and women, a task we are already working on with international quality laboratories..”

The Dua brandThe goal of now is to capitalize on the expected growth of the fragrance market with their unique blends and fragrances that are not only for the fragrance connoisseur but also for the everyday person who wants to turn heads every time they walk into a room.

About the Dua brand

The Dua Brand is an independent niche fragrance house located in Los Angeles, USA. They provide handcrafted perfume extract scents using natural oils that last on the skin. Dua Fragrances Perfume Extracts are truly for both the fragrance connoisseur, who values ​​quality above all else, and the everyday person, who wants to be sure they are the best smelling person in the room.


Syed Ali
Marketing Director
The Dua brand
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