Todd Taylor of Velocity Production & Packaging

Vince Spinnato and Todd Taylor at Velocity Production & Packaging in Arizona

Vince Spinnato and Todd Taylor at Velocity Production & Packaging in Arizona

Vince Spinnato and Todd Taylor at Velocity Production & Packaging

Vince Spinnato and Todd Taylor at Velocity Production & Packaging

In honor of the icon’s 100th anniversary, Arizona’s full-service manufacturing and packaging facility will produce and distribute its most visible production role

It’s not every day that you’re tasked with crafting and packaging a fragrance for the iconic Judy Garland.”

— Todd Taylor, CEO of Velocity Production & Packaging

LOS ANGELES, California, USA, May 24, 2022 / — “It’s not every day you get the job of crafting and packaging a fragrance for the iconic Judy Garland says Todd Taylor, owner of Velocity Production and Packaging located in Tempe, Arizona. Taylor is taking on this massive task head-on as he and cosmetic chemist, fragrance developer and President/CEO of TurnKey Beauty, Inc, Vincenzo (Vince) Spinnato work together to meet the June 10 deadline in which the new unisex perfume Judy Garland is revealed at a Hollywood gala in honor of what would have been Mrs. Garland’s 100th birthday. “My team and I are working diligently with Vince and his team to ensure the fragrance is made and packaged exactly as Vince envisions it and is representative of one of the greatest artists of all time,” says Taylor.

Velocity Production and Packaging, launched by Taylor in 2018, is a private label cosmetics manufacturer and skin care packaging company that offers full-service custom packaging and manufacturing, packaging supplies, bundling, picking and packing, filling and logistics for personal care product companies across the United States. It also provides packaging design, assembly and custom labeling solutions that meet industry standards. With Spinnato’s involvement as a cosmetic chemist, Velocity can also help customers create or finalize personal care formulas. Velocity’s quality assurance program conforms to all high quality contract manufacturing processes as outlined by the FDA.

Dubbed “the expert” on new skincare product deployments and launches, Velocity is the premier engineering company for every product configuration. Upon entering the gates of the Arizona plant, one is greeted by signage that reads “Impossible, it’s nothing”. “That’s really the credo we work to,” Taylor says. No task is too big or too small for Velocity.

Whether it’s manufacturing, blending, bundling or packaging, Velocity works with our customers to fulfill orders no matter the size. “Many manufacturing and packaging plants may have 10,000 minimum order quantities (MOQ),” says Taylor, “Velocity can work with these big customers like Ulta and Target, but we also have the ability to offer a MOQ much lower to the smallest customer – and done with the same personal attention to detail.

Velocity mixes existing customer formulas with newly created Velocity formulas. It fills creams, lotions, serums, balms, essential oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, CBD products, perfumes and more. They also bundle and repack kits. According to Taylor, Velocity provides customers with high-level quality and inventory control procedures at every stage of the process. “Whether it’s working late nights, weekends or double shifts with the new team, we step up and get the job done!” Taylor said.

What future for Velocity? “In addition to existing work,” says Taylor, “we are preparing for the fall 2022 launch of JUDY fragrance and upcoming Garland companion products.”

For more information on Vincenzo Spinnato’s Judy – A Garland fragrance, contact TurnKey Beauty Inc., Follow us on Instagram for key announcements and fragrance release information.

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