Who thought a deadly “cosmetic gun” would make a great gift for a racist Incel?

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I never thought I’d choose to take a makeup ball straight to my face, but unfortunately that’s the better of both evils when you’re living in the same reality as a racist, narcissistic, and sexually abusive beauty blogger.

On today’s episode of Vile People Doing More and More Vile Things, beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star has teamed up with firearms manufacturer Beretta to create the Jeffree Star Cosmetics gun. Yes, actually the influencer and former owner of a now defunct brand called “Nazi Lipstick” who also publicly joked about splashing battery acid on a black woman is now in possession of a custom gun that appears to have been dipped in a can of bubblegum pink paint, and the pipeline from makeup guru to gun dealer is now sadly a thing.

Seeing this tweet, I sincerely hoped that a “cosmetic gun” could shoot pigment powder from a barrel into my face somehow (like this Homer Simpson creation) to cover my imperfections, or maybe it was another episode of this Sacha show Baron Cohen, who convinced real Republican MPs that giving guns to toddlers was a good idea. But no, it’s a very real and deadly gun, and someone with 16 million subscribers and a history of violent threats is giving it to his followers like a bottle of purple drink.

Star unveiled the “one of one” pink gun in a 13-minute YouTube video, in which he travels decked out from Louis Vuitton to Tennessee to visit the Beretta factory (which I’ll bet is extremely low-union). On the way to the establishment, Star yelps, “If you don’t know what Beretta is, baby, it’s one of the most iconic makers or firearms in the world,” and he also brags that the company “provided arms for all major European wars!” When unboxing the gun as if it were the latest KKW perfume, not a real weapon, Star shouts that this day is a “literal dream”: “…like Christmas, New Years and my birthday all rolled into one.” Wow, happy for you and deeply sad for anyone hit/killed by this gun.

Lethal weapon-loving curators are sure to send a message to this new product as an ambitious future worth pursuing: Imagine a better world, where every child fulfills their sense of patriotic duty with a customizable weapon!! The last thing we need in the midst of a mass shooting epidemic is a concerted effort to pinkify gun manufacturing. Next thing we know, the She-EOs will have said the gun is part of their daily self-care routine. First, the collagen peptides in their daily green juices; then twenty minutes of positive affirmations and showing a lot of fucking money, as they put away their diamond-studded rifles in their Chanel bags. We are alive and ready to take on the patriarchy!

If only we could paint gun violence and the death toll in pink paint and consider it ‘iconic’.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have already been at least 158 ​​mass shootings in the United States since the start of 2022. There’s no worse time to do what Juul did for cigarettes by putting guns glittering roses in the hands of impressionable youngsters in senseless states gun control measures.

The gun is a symbol of masculinity pushed to its most violent, abusive limits. The gun has also long been a symbol of the far-right’s vested interest in the kind of star-studded freedom that secures God-given “rights” in exchange for American lives. And now, apparently, the conservatives have passed the baton – er, the weapon of mass destruction – to Jeffree Star, the glamorous new symbol of glamorous violence.

You can cover a blemish with a little concealer, but no amount of makeup in the world will hide humanity’s ugliest desires, personified by a Jeffree Star. Perhaps he would be better placed on Speak.

Donovan B. Sanford